Power Transformer Plant

ECE is the oldest multiproduct and multilocation electrical equipment company incorporated in 1945 by B.K.Group having Transformr Plants at Sonipat (Haryana) and Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh) and H.T. Switchgears Plant at Sonipat(Haryana).

.ECE is manufacturing Power Transformer upto 220kV class upto 100 MVA Capacities and has supplid over 85000 Transformers to various State ElectricityBoards, Power utilities, Northen Railways, Defence and Industrial Units. ECE is a regular and approved supplier of Power Transformers upto 220 kV class to various State Government Power Utilities and industrial sector. The product and servics rendered by ECE are always in compliance with specification and are tailored to give comlpete satisfaction to the customer.

In the Switchgear, ECE is manufacturing the Oil Circuit Breaker and Vacuum Circuit Breakers upto 11KV and upto 1250Amps




These HT Switchgears are supplied to various Government, semi-government organization and insudtrial sector with their full satisfaction. These switches are supplied in various electricity boards(MPSEB, PSEB, UPSEB, WBSEB,MSEB,TNSEB) and different subsidiaries of Coal India Ltd.(SECL,WCL,ECL, BCCLNCL)
The products manufactured are successfully type tested by National accredied test houses and in compliance to relevant Indian and International standards.